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Brass Door Bolts

We are involved in providing a broad array of Brass Door Bolt. These Brass Door Bolts that we provide are made from premium grade raw materials and assure longer working life to the customers. We can custom manufacture these Brass Door Bolts in different thickness and dimensions.  Brass Tower bolts door stoppers door hardware are also having a lot of sizes and designs of which some have shown here.
Brass Door Bolts
As shown in the figure, we offer Brass tower bolts door bolts stoppers .  ¼" Tower bolt from 2" and up to 6". Other types are of 5/16" 3/8", 1/2" etc. WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN LONG SERIES TOWER BOLTS 1/2" X 36" WITHOUT ANY JOINT. Second Tower Bolt from the top is a square type Tower Bolt. All standard polishes are available.
brass tower bolts
"NECK BOLT" is our latest product. You can get Brass polish or Chrome polish as shown in snap. This is the quality of Neck Bolt which you must have not seen anywhere because inside rod of this type is exactly round and with superior polished.
brass tower door bolts
From the photograph, top is 1/2" Tower Bolt, Second is also 1/2"Fancy Tower Bolt, third is Hex type 1/2" Tower Bolt and length can be varied up to 36" without any joint. Last product is called "Side latch" in which Both sides of Tower Bolt is removed and can be used in table or Drawer.

Grade of Brass : cz131,cz124, cz121, en 12164 - cw606n, CW 603n,CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3. C 675, cz 114, cz 115, en 12165 CW 721 r & CW 722r